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The Journey of Tuning into You.

You may have realized that in times of financial challenges, global changes, and ethical deviance, more people than ever are searching for answers from experts and advisers. However, all the truest answers are discovered within. Within these pages. Within the Mental Asanas. And within you.


The book speaks to your deepest spiritual self and guides you to find joy, peace, harmony and beauty. You will claim these qualities as your birthright. You will find that MetaMind Yoga will restore your inner quiet, heal life’s wounds and guide you to answers you longingly sought.


You will absorb centuries-old wisdom from brilliant philosophers, thinkers and teachers presented in a easy-to-grasp language. Your soul will be awakened by inspirational quotes, simple-to-practice techniques and tested methods to help you get in touch with your higher self.


You will find yourself rich in pleasure and free of loneliness. You will befriend your true self and connect to a higher consciousness. Soon you will celebrate this each second of your journey and each moment of the miracle of your life.


You will answer “the call to destiny,” as Joseph Campbell described the “Samadhi.”  You could find it in any chapter of your life. With MetaMind Yoga, you may encounter it right now.


Take a breath. Read on. And enjoy the journey. You may soon be blessed with Peace.

                                       Margo Berman and Richard Israel - One Voice

Spiritual guide to inner peace

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