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Don't Let Your Limitations Limit You

It’s easy to say, “I don’t know how,” “I never learned how to do that,” or “I’m not good with technology.”


These kinds of statements pay homage to your limitations. They showcase your lack of knowledge. Okay, so you don’t know how to do something. Why should that stop you?


When you were born you couldn’t walk. But, you learned how. When you were a kid you couldn’t ride a bike. You fell off many times, but you finally learned to stay on. When you were a teen couldn’t drive. But, after lessons you drove down the street.


If you want something badly enough, you’ll learn it.

So when did that change? When did you decide you couldn’t? When did you believe it’s too hard? When did you accept the fact that you didn’t know how?

A Sheet Of Paper

Spiritual guide to inner peace

It’s difficult to comprehend the power of a sheet of paper.


It could transform your life. It could bind you. Liberate you. Excite you. Disappoint you. Thrill you. Shame you. Reward you. Reprimand you.


When you think about it, every important moment is reduced to a sheet of paper.


Take a moment to notice all the other papers that punctuate your life.


Your birth certificate, driver’s license, high school diploma, college degree(s), social security card, bank statements, tax returns, mortgage payment, property deeds, organization membership cards, insurance papers, medical appointments, pharmaceutical prescriptions…etc.


Eventually, and sadly, even your death certificate.

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