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Mental Asanas


Designed as easy-to-do exercises, the Mental Asanas facilitate your journey to inner peace. Each one enables you to come in touch with feelings, experiences, wounds, and moments that have up until now defined your emotional state. One by one, the Mental Asanas will allow you to strip away false premises, remove limiting beliefs and weed out troublesome obstacles that prevent you from finding inner serenity.


As you progress down each path, you will begin to feel lighter, freer and quieter. A profound calmness will envelop you. In time, you will realize the tranquility you have deeply yearned.


You will discover that you can:

   Choose from more than 171 Mental Asanas for years of material.

  Practice your Mental Asanas, wherever you are to experience MetaMind Yoga.

 Create your personalized daily practice.

   Change your perspective shortly after you begin.

 Learn how to relieve your stress throughout the day.

  Chart your progress and record your exercise responses in your personal journal.



Take this journey with us to experience your own blissful joy.

Spiritual guide to inner peace
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