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About the Journey


Are you living a joyous life? Are you as carefree as a child, when you were playing,

learning and laughing? Do you remember how natural that felt?

MetaMind Yoga was written to bring that joy back into your everyday life.


The book is based on Pantanjali's eight limbs of Raja (mental) Yoga,

which have been practiced in the East over the last few thousand years. 


The authors have updated this ancient wisdom with the latest neuroscience,

combined it with a Western perspective. The result is MetaMind Yoga:

an exquisite voyage of self-discovery. Before long you will reclaim that level of joyful,

childhood living that was your birthright.


  • You will be centered, focused and living in the moment, eliminating fear of the future.


  • You will design your own specific daily practice.


  • You will see a clear shift in your consciousness within a few short weeks of practice.


  • You will have techniques to instantly relieve your stress during the day.


  •  You have 171 Mental Asanas to choose from giving you years of material.


  •  You can practice your Mental Asanas, anywhere and anytime, alone or in a group.


  • You keep a personal journal to record your exercise answers and note your progress.


This very moment is your 'point of power.’ Where you make choices that will shift your life’s decisions and directions.


Take the opportunity to decide NOW to embark on this journey to joy. We invite you to join us.



Spiritual guide to inner peace
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