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About Us


Margo Berman has devoted herself to creativity and spirituality. She is an award-winning copywriter and advertising professor at Florida International University. She was a published poet in her teens and later became a radio talk show host and ad agency owner in Miami. She has created webinars on marketing, writing and creativity; developed digital advertising materials; conceptualized and created content for websites, promotional and interactive campaigns. As a corporate trainer, she specializes in fast-paced engaging workshops, including Mental Peanut Butter® (branding that sticks to the roof of your brain) and tactikPAK™, a library of digital learning.


Margo has written three advertising books, available in university libraries and global markets:

  • The Copywriter’s Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Strategic Advertising  



  • Street-Smart Advertising: How to Win the Battle of the Buzz


  • The Brains Behind Great Ad Campaigns: Creative Collaboration between Copywriters and Art Directors (Margo Berman and Robyn Blakeman)


  • tactikPAK: A Digital Library of Learning in ebooks and apps


Richard Israel studied Raja (mental) yoga with the late Swami Nisreyasananda (1899-1991) at the Harare, Ramakrishna Ashram in Harare, Zimbabwe. For the last 40 years, Richard has globally shared these profound teachings and paired them with cutting-edge neuroscience to boost business executives’ performance. Richard is an adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University.  Richard has written 12 books translated into over 30 languages, including:

  • Mind Chi: Rewire Your Brain in 8 Minutes a Day: Strategies for Success in Business and Life, Richard Israel and Vanda North, Kindle edition


  • Family Brain Gym: 30 Transformational Techniques for a Better Life at Work, School and Home, Richard Israel and Donna Kim, Kindle edition

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